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About Us

Voices for Immigrants Justice (VFIJ) has been serving the immigrant community with Legal Immigration Services since 1986. We are a One Stop Shop for immigration services for indigent immigrants. We provide accurate and current immigration information to the community. Undocumented immigrants are the most vulnerable in the society. They are constantly taken advantage of by mean and heard hearted individuals. Those in abusive relationships are often threatened with reporting to immigration for deportation or taking their children away. And as such, most of these victims remain in such relationships and endure unimaginable abuses from their abusers. However, when we provide these victims with proper information and education, their fears are demystified, and they are empowered to seek the immigration benefits they deserve and are entitled to.

Undocumented aliens are otherwise at the mercy of unscrupulous, gone-by-the -night immigration form preparers. These people usually are tax preparers and Notary public, or some fake immigration consultant. These are mostly of ethnic minorities and change offices and phone numbers regularly. They exploit Undocumented Aliens fears by distributing fabricated immigration news to justify charging exorbitant fees without providing any real help for their immigration needs. Most often, these wicked people disappear overnight with the Aliens original documents. Reproducing these documents are rather expensive. With our immigration support services, we strive to reach out to the immigrant communities with proper information and education.

We have been here for the immigrant community since 1986 and will continue to be here for them till the bad guys are run out.